What is an SRA

A Special Ratings Area (SRA) is a demarcated special rates & taxes district. This is the term that such partnerships and local governments use for a City Improvement District (CID). These were established in places like Green Point, Cape Town CBD, Gardens etc.; The main reason Cape Town is such a success story. Back in 1999, the urban core was in serious decline. Capital flight was rife, pouring into suburbs such as Claremont and Century City. Urban decay set in, crime increased, property values began to decline, stores closed down and undesirable elements began to take over the city. The residents of Cape Town realised that if they do not immediately respond to this and try to stem the decline, the city will be lost to urban blight. This is when the South African concept for a Partnership was born. It’s almost twelve years later and the Cape hosts South Africa’s safest, most successful, cleanest and most vibrant CBD. The SRA belongs to the people of that demarcated district and all monies raised is ring-fenced for that district or neighbourhood only.

Functions of the SRA

1. Removal of illegal posters & graffiti
2. Street and sidewalk cleansing
3. Drain cleaning
4. Weed removal
5. Cigarette butt removal
6. General maintenance
7. Reactive hot spot cleansing
8. Marketing assistance
9. Security facilitation
10. Social development facilitation
11. Consultation with property owners and retailers
12. Kerbside parking management
13. Supportive interventions with the Breede Valley Municipality
14. Development, investment and retail updates
15. Walking tours
16. Recycling and sustainable environmental projects

*Compiled using Cape Town CID & Partnership’s tried-and-tested scope of urban management duties.

Who constitutes the SRA

  • The convener of the Partnership
  • Representative from Breede Valley Tourism or tourism affiliates.
  • Representative from the local chamber of commerce
  • Representative from the Council (BVM)
  • Representative from the Office of Civil Services (BVM)
  • Representative from the Office of Community Services (BVM)
  • Representative from the Office of Urban Planning (BVM)
  • Representative from Community Chest Western Cape (social development partner)
  • Representative from Real Estate/Property Development sectors
  • Representative from Heritage/Architecture sectors
  • Representative from Ratepayers Association (residents)
  • Representative from taxi and/or informal sector

Proposed demarcated SRA’s

SRA map of Worcester - Phase 1. Click to Enlarge

SRA map of Worcester – Phase 1. Click to Enlarge


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