The 'West Lawn' in autumnal splendor

The ‘West Lawn’ in autumnal splendor

DuToitskloof Wines is one of South Africa’s most famous wine brands. However, they are not visited by tourists as readily as other well-known Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek wineries. This can be attributed solely to their geographical location, in a lesser-known wine region, leeward of the high Du Toitskloof Mountains.

Thus, their available capital for onsite amenity improvements is limited. The original master plan aimed to completely transform the landscape surrounding the cellar and make it a touristic draw-card. It was to include new entrance walls, landscape lighting, new paved forecourts for events and dining, plus some additional attractions; a labyrinth and Cape Montane Forest showcase. However, austerity prevailed…

Thus, a lessor scheme was employed, to upgrade the west of the site and leave the main entrance and lawns as is (for phase 1). A new parking lot was added, but no hard-landscaping or lighting investment was made. Plant purchases had to be kept within a strict R10,000 (US$1,250) budget. Thus, seasonally varied and colour-impact species were selected, as the botanical inputs needed to carry the entire design.

Some species, rare in South African horticulture, were selected for their outstanding blooms, autumnal leaf-colouration or summer variegated or purple tints. Some included species were: Prunus cerasifera nigra (purple leaves/pink blooms); Acer rubrum (autumn colour/red winter flowers); Acer palmatum (red autumn/summer purple leaves); Liquidambar styraciflua variegatum (white/yellow/green summer leaves); Quercus coccinea (red autumn leaves); Ceiba speciosa (large pink blooms) and many more…

The new parking area, trees still in their infancy.

The new parking area, trees still in their infancy.

Click to view original landscape and electrical plans:
Landscaping plan: L101
Electrical plans: E101 E102
Click to view scaled-down final plan:
Soft Landscaping plan: L103


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