Communication with communities, stakeholders, businesses and local governments is the cornerstone of any successful initiative. Without an extensive public-participation process, any vision is stillborn. Communication can be complex, with interest groups naturally looking after their interests first. In small communities, often a survivalist mentality can be at odds with progress that is good for the collective. Thus, small steps must be taken and stakeholders must be informed every step of the way. They have to take ownership of any initiative to improve the town/city; making the march towards progress, their own path to take.

Breede Valley Change Catalyst

Where it all began…
Click here for the seminar’s minutes: Seminar Minutes

Breede Valley Change Catalyst - the agenda

Breede Valley Change Catalyst – the agenda

Proposal of how the structure of “valley cooperation” was proposed to have worked:
B.F. = Business Forum or Chamber of Commerce; T.A. = Tourism Association
Wo. = Worcester; dD. = De Doorns; Ra. = Rawsonville; TR. = Touws River

Cooperation plan

Follow-up information session with the business chamber, municipality and Cape Town Partnership consultant:

19July invite

Call to action for youth leaders and young professionals:

Young Leaders

Call to action for ratepayers:

Jun2010 communication flyer English

Breede Valley Bulletin: Launched to communicate with members and the community about chamber of commerce and partnership formation activities/news:

BreedeValleyBulletin - Ed5BreedeValleyHerald - Ed2


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