Master plan of the Fairhills Agri-Village - click for enlargement

Master plan of the Fairhills Agri-Village – click for enlargement

Fairhills Village is to become a milestone for the Breede River Valley and a significant leap forward for the community involved in the Fairhills Association. Not only will this initiative provide secure of tenure for the “landless employees” on wine farms in the region, it will secure their own roof over their heads, provide small-medium business (SME) opportunities, create an integrated community, unlock tourism potential and provide enhanced rural services and amenities to an underserviced community.

The beneficiaries of this initiative are the employees of the 13 farms of Fairhills producers.

The goal behind the project is to advance the lives of the community, not only benefitting the Fairhills Association members, but also the entire Rawsonville district at large, by advancing positive progress within the community and marketing the region as having a progressive, empowering farm industry. Ideally, Fairhills Village will become a stop on the Breedekloof Wine Route, enhancing the tourist draw of the region. Fairhills producers (farm owners) also stand to benefit and should use this opportunity to advance their financial position, as many land-owners are struggling in the local wine industry.

Navigate the Fairhills Village sub-menus to explore the project in more detail…





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