I Am Worcester

An initiative born through my letter to the people of Worcester, about the inception of the Breede Valley Partnership. The idea is to not be your skin-tone first, your language first, your religion first or your suburb of origin first – but to first, be a citizen of Worcester. To foster social cohesion and civic pride in the community as a whole. The idea aims to bring a divided town together by changing the collective mindset through “I Am Worcester” Fridays, when the citizens of the town wear this with pride.


Black “I Am Worcester” golf-shirt, the Partnership edition.

Start With the Petunias

This is part of the civic pride movement. The initiative aims to start small for a greater long-term goal of a better urban environment. Start with the small things and as small civic and urban-improvement interventions add up, it creates a big improvement in the urban environment. A town that has no pride in itself cannot hope to reinvent itself and compete favourably with other towns and regions.

Start with the Petunias flyer

Start with the Petunias flyer


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