CAD elevations of Fairway Heights House

CAD elevations of Fairway Heights House

The Fairway Heights neighbourhood is an upper-echelon development on the Worcester Golf Course, with sweeping views over the greens, town and valley beyond. This home was custom designed for a topographically challenging site for a couple without children, seeking a modest, yet impressive home. They sought African-Bushveld elements in a contemporary design. The plot is wedge shaped, narrowing in width and sloping downwards towards the front (south-southeast), facing the Master’s Way cul-de-sac.

Thus, the frontage needed to be orientated to the south-east, the direction of maximum view from this awkward plot’s high vantage point. Considering the summer heat in this semi-arid region, window frontage being orientated away from the prevailing austral midday sun, does help with summer energy requirements for cooling. However, winters can be equally brisk. Thus, a sun-deck is provided on the upper storey, orientated north, towards the snow capped peaks of the Brandwacht Mountains. 

The huge double-volume living area provides views towards the valley and town from almost every corner of the open-planned living spaces. The kitchen also sports massive windows and flows well into entertainment areas. The large outdoor braai (barbecue) area flows seemlessly into the bar and living spaces. The master suite is stunningly private, upstairs, with a modern bathroom space and its own private balcony. Once again, orientated to the sweeping views of the valley.

Literally, the only room that does not have a view of the valley, is Guest Room 1 however this is compensated by views of the mountains to the north. The owners also wanted an enlarged garage and work-space below, for their vintage car and motorbike collection.

Floor plans of Fairway Heights House

Floor plans of Fairway Heights House


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