34DegreesDesign is Andres de Wet. A person with a passion for design, the environment, community upliftment, new urbanism and place-making.

Born in the United States, but nurtured and matured in South Africa, he has numerous creative and personal influences. His tertiary education spans institutions on two continents, and his work and academic experience spans four nations, with some projects in a fifth.

He is exceedingly proud of the adopted city of his upbringing, Cape Town, which was crowned World Design Capital 2014. This place of unparalleled natural beauty, coupled with a food and wine scene to leave culinary capitals a gasp, has a diverse and design-conscious population representing the four corners of the globe. He often draws inspiration from this place, the southern tip of Africa, he calls home.

What is 34? It is the latitude that inspires the creativity. 34°South is an imaginary line shared by few of the planet’s seven billion; those lucky enough to have their skies permanently graced with the brightest constellation, the Southern Cross, is minuscule by comparison: Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

Debate is important, action is imperative. I believe in being and initiating the change I want to see in the world.



Email: andres@lorraine.co.za | dewetam@mail.uc.edu

Tel: +1-407-920-4296

Location: Currently in Cincinnati, OH, United States and headed for the Pacific Northwest


Link to PDF version of Portfolio


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